The petition calls on the Gresley Society Trust to reinstate the mallard on the proposed statue of Sir Nigel Gresley. Over 1,100 people signed it in the first month – many thanks for the support.


It says that the mallard:

makes the statue engaging and charming
links Gresley to his most famous achievement, the steam traction speed record with his loco called Mallard
sparks interest in, and curiosity about, the statue and the man; very few people alive today would recognise a likeness of Gresley. Even little children will want to know why the duck is there
Without the mallard, a statue of a long-dead man most people have never heard of is not going to be noticed, and will do little to raise awareness and appreciation of Sir Nigel.

Please sign the petition here. We hope to get enough signatures that the Gresley Society can persuade Sir Nigel’s grandsons to change their mind about the mallard. Most people seem to love the duck on the statue.