The Gresley Society Trust’s Facebook page announced the removal of the mallard from the statue on 9.3.14.

Steam Railway’s Facebook page post on 9.3.15 prompted many pro-duck comments: Do you think the statue of Sir Nigel Gresley planned for King’s Cross in 2016 should be accompanied by a mallard?

As did Heritage Railway Magazine’s on 14.3.15: THE DUCK IS DROPPED FROM GRESLEY STATUE!!! The family of the man who designed the world’s fastest steam locomotive thought the Mallard duck was ridiculous! Sir Nigel Gresley kept wild fowl at his home and named several of his A4s after them.

Letter in the Times 31.3.15 from Jon Turner which begins..

Sir, Three influential Gresley Society Trust members have resigned in protest, after some of its members and two of Gresley’s relatives vetoed the proposed “Sir Nigel Gresley with Duck” statue by Hazel Reeves at King’s Cross station going ahead unless its duck element is removed.

The protesters have my fullest sympathy, as it is an inspirational addition…

31.3.15 Vanessa Feltz radio show on BBC London had an hour long phone-in about the removal of the mallard. Ms Feltz said:

Which is the statue that you are going to take your grandchildren to see; which is the statue that you will make a pilgrimage to see; which is the statue that you will take a picture of yourself next to: the one with the duck or the one without it? I’m 100% pro-duck.